Attention Grabbing Flats

In Holiday, Shoes on December, 20 2010

“Walking around the Christmas tree” can take a bit of energy if you’re walking around a tree as big as the one in lets say Rockefeller Center.  The most walking during the winter season takes place during the holidays, so it’s important to have that stylish yet comfortable shoe that you can use at home for the holidays and then take it with you when you jet set to a warm place.

Flats are not my favorite type of shoes, but if they have a great look, you might be able to see me in them.  Holiday shoppers, it’s time to get your gift recipient a pair of flats: a great looking pair of flats.  What makes flats great?  Color, design, and shape.  Your gift recipient can always run out to a store and buy herself a pair of inexpensive black flats, so lets stay away from the basics and get something a little more daring this year.


Vince Camuto just came out with a topaz ‘Stine Flat‘ that will grab attention from all ways.  I love this shoe because it has the ability to make outfits more fun with the color and detailing.  If you’re at home for the holidays, you could wear these flats with a simple pair of blue jeans and a black sweater, and if you’re vacationing somewhere warm, you could wear white jeans and a white blouse and then use the flats to bring that pop of color.  The jewel detail at the front of the shoe is what makes it an attention grabber: it is bold and chic and will give a simple outfit some extra pizzaz.

The flats are $99 and will look great no matter where you spend your holiday season.  Check them out on