The Sea Diver

In Uncategorized on October, 24 2010

What time is it?  Time to get a watch.  You might be sticking to a classic brand or basic colored watch, but how about one with a different color for some variety fun?  We all know that military is the trend right now; clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

Freelook just came out with a watch called ‘Sea Diver’ in dark Khaki with gold detailing that follows the military trend.  It’s great for daytime but for night I would go to something dressier.  I personally get bored looking at the same watch everyday, so here’s your chance to brighten your outfit up and have some more options in your jewelry box.

*In photo: Ashley Olsen wearing a Freelook watch

Watch prices are usually high.  There is Cartier, Rolex, etc, and the prices are extremely high.  You won’t need to worry about that with this watch, because the ‘Sea Diver’ is $150 – a very reasonable price for a watch.  Freelook watches are constantly seen in magazines like Hamptons, Real Simple, In Style, and more, so they’re definitely ‘in’.

Go to the Freelock website to check the ‘Sea Diver’ and other watches out.