Fall’in for Essie

In Uncategorized on September, 25 2010

When the weather changes, you know it’s time for new collections; whether it be clothes, shoes, handbags, or nail polish.  One thing that I look forward to at the beginning of each season is the new nail polish colors by Essie.

Each season, Essie comes up with a fresh and colorful collection that follows fashion trends.  This Fall/Winter 2010 collection was inspired by the runways – a glamour/warrior combination.  The names of the colors are In Stitches, Limited Addition, Sew Psyched, Merino Cool, Velvet Voyeur, and Little Brown Dress.  My favorite is Velvet Voyeur – it’s super chic, and i’m actually wearing it now.

What’s great about Essie is that the prices are affordable, selling for $8, and still have the hottest colors each season.  Take Chanel – they have similar color pallets (but are a bit older looking) and sell for a little over double the price of Essie.  Yes it’s Chanel and the colors are still nice, but if you don’t want to spend the extra money when you can get similar colors for a better price, then Essie is the way to go..

I have definitely fallen for the Essie collection this Fall. Boy, does a mani/pedi sound great right now.