Sydney’s Hamptons Bedroom Touches

In Decor, Hamptons on May, 26 2012

street art

summer vacation souvenirs

embellished pillows

my homemade audrey hepburn collage

a chic take on an old school game

scrumptious scents

Being back in the Hamptons feels like paradise.

The whiff of fresh air, traffic going from town to town, and comfort of my home are some of what I’ve missed (although I’m sure I’ll stop missing the traffic very, very soon).

Memorial Day weekend is not only the start to my busy summer calendar, but it’s also the time when I get my home organized for the season. The little touches are what make a home complete, and I like to incorporate quite a few in my abode’s bedroom: chic art (you can find great pieces at the vendors in front of The Metropolitan Museum of Art), decorative items from my travels, embellished throw pillows for bedding glamour, a fun and colorful game of tic-tac-toe, and an array of scents (perfume and hair products) for a cool tabletop look and of course usage.

These little touches add a freshness and something to look forward to when returning to my second home every season.

I always keep an eye out for more, whether at an antique show, a boutique, or even a a pharmacy.

Remember, when shopping, expect the unexpected.

What are some of your favorite decorative touches in your bedroom?

with style,