The Beauty Products That Make Up My Obsession

In Beauty on January, 28 2012

Dior, $60

Revlon, $8

Vincent Longo, $25

Maybelline, $8

I’m having a total makeup obsession. As spring clothes, shoes and accessories are making their way to websites and stores, so is makeup. I’m loving the pastel and neon phenomenon; the perfect pallets to switch to and from, depending on your ideal look. Maybe it’s pastels for daytime and neons for night? Or a combination of both at once for a hard yet soft effect? There’s no right answer.

Not only do I love makeup made by more expensive brands like Chanel and M.A.C, but I’m also addicted to products made by drugstore brands like Revlon and Maybelline. It’s best to use drugstore brands for products you use the most such as mascara because it’s most cost effective.

Above is my [favorite] current mix of high and low beauty products that make up my obsession.

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