Stone Cluster Alternative

In Uncategorized on October, 17 2010

You want a diamond bracelet, but the price is simply too high.  It’s not the designer that matters, but the look and the price.  I don’t think it’s necessary to wear an “all decked out” diamond bracelet, so wear a simple bracelet but with a few diamond-looking crystals on it.  You can look chic and glamorous without looking too much.

Juicy Couture just came out with Stone Cluster Watchband Bracelets. The great part about these bracelets are that they are simple yet with a glamorous twist – each one has a different design stone cluster on it but are simple due to the gold watch-band strap.  What I also like about the bracelets is that you can stack them like bangles.

The pictures of the first and second bracelet are $88 while the picture at the bottom is $80.  Click directly on the photo of the bracelet to go directly to that piece.