Work That Bootie

In Uncategorized on October, 13 2010

Can you ever get over a great pair of booties?  I can’t.  There are so many styles and color options available, each one with it’s own personality.  Booties are great on their own, but when they have a platform and almost 6 inch high- heel, that’s one heck of a bootie.

That’s what this Senso bootie entails, in addition to it being suede and embellished with studs.  The bootie defines edge and will complete your miltiary-inspired outfits.  The bootie comes in black and taupe kid (more or less brown) and is available on for $160 – a good deal.

I say go for the taupe kid bootie because it’s not so easy to find a trendy brown boot where you can with black.  The bootie has personality- it’s hip, fashionable, and a good buy.  Check it out.