Sydney’s Sunday In Georgetown

In On Sydney on November, 07 2011

sydney trying on a coat at Anthropologie

Regardless of where I am in the world, I seem to have a routine.  I just got back to New York from Washington DC, and I definitely could have used some more time there.  Although a vibrant city, and a much cleaner one in comparison to NYC, the pace is a bit slower, which makes me enjoy my time there at its fullest–not as slow as Pittsburgh, though.

While I spent Friday and Saturday at a conference my parents attended, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, which consisted of dermos, botox inventors, industry gurus, drug reps and more, my Sunday was spent a little more how I like it–seeing some sights (which never gets old), and walking around Georgetown.

Whenever I go to Georgetown, I make sure to go to Clydes for brunch.  It has been one of my favorite restaurants ever since I was a little girl, and I make it a tradition to go each time I visit.

My favorite part of having brunch at Clydes is the coffee cake topped with brown sugar.  After a leisurely and almost always delicious meal (this time wasn’t as great as the others–the chef had his day off), I browse my way through the great shops in Georgetown.

This trip, my shopping went towards a different direction than usual.  Where I usually find success at Cusp, this time I did not.  The merchandise looked cheap, and the freshness that I loved was gone.  It was the same old you could find anywhere else, and the jewelry and shoe collections, which I always looked forward to, were unfortunately boring and blase.

However, I found success at some other stores, which made up for my disappoint at Cusp–one of them was Anthropologie.

Anthropologie is a store that is either a hit or a miss for me.  Today, it was a hit.  I purchased the Draconid Coat, a brown [faux] fur snapfront with white circular “spots” and a grey/brown [faux] fur collar.  The silhouette is extremely flattering, and it’s one of those coats that works perfectly for a sophisticated outfit for work, but it can also be a fun and flirty piece for an evening out on the town.  I’ve started to get really into mixing patterns, so I’m excited to wear it with a dress I just bought at J.Crew which has a somewhat abstract pattern too.

The coat is a great investment piece, and I know I’m going to wear it over and over again.  Like?

with style,