Dressing To The Maxi

In Clothing on April, 04 2011

Spring break couldn’t have gone by any faster.  It was already time this morning to get back to my usual routine, which was undeniably not so easy.   After sitting through classes about Shakespeare, functions, and how to write where I want to go to college in Spanish, a walk to Madison Avenue’s upscale (if you will) Zitomer Pharmacy for a piece of candy was necessary. Conveniently, the Christian Louboutin store is on the same block as my school, so I was able to admire some gorgeous pumps along the way.  It was supposed to rain in NYC today, but luckily it didn’t, and it was warm and sunny.  I couldn’t help but notice how everyone, including me, was dressed in lighter attire, and looking very Spring.

During this time of year, when the weather gets warmer and warmer, it excites me to think about all of the great clothes we’ll be able to wear that we couldn’t wear in the Winter.  Dresses are my favorite type of clothing to wear because they’re easy, chic, and look great all day.  You can find any dress from one that is girly and glamorous with tons of sequins and jewels to a dress that is simple as a plain cocktail dress.

I have a number of dresses in my closet, and they are all short: not one dress is below my knee.  Until more recently, it was not as chic to wear a long dress unless you were wearing a gown to a wedding, gala, etc.  Now, maxi dresses have hit the fashion industry, and are the dresses to own this season.

If you don’t own a maxi,  I think buying a plain black one would be the best starter point for the following reasons: black is flattering on all body types, black is the easiest color to work with, and black can look chic during the day and the night. T by Alexander Wang just came out with a ‘Stretch-modal maxi dress‘ that is a cool basic to have in your closet for Spring and come Summer.  Wear this maxi with black high-heel lace up boots, a multicolored chain necklace, a long black shoulder handbag, black cateye sunglasses, and paint your nails with metallic silver nail polish.

Alexander Wang is extremely talented, but a rather expensive designer, so to find a dress by him that is under $200 is quite a deal.  The maxi dress is available at for $175, check it out.