In Accessories on January, 30 2011

Ever since I was little, I have grown up watching the different generations of women in my family wearing jewelry.  My aunt has always been the one to wear more delicate-looking pieces, where my mom and grandma have always liked the bigger and chunkier look: apparently, I have taken after them.  My grandmother trained me well, because my first piece of jewelry was a Tiffany’s gold, and rather chunky for a little one, chain bracelet that I wore until it simply could not fit anymore.  Since then, I have always had a love for bigger jewelry, and the ability to make a fashion statement by accessorizing.

Watching my mom get ready on a daily basis, observing the way she dresses and accessorizes, I have never seen her not wearing a necklace: she doesn’t think it looks right to have a bare neck.  Sometimes I agree with her rationale, while other times I disagree.  If you’re wearing a dress or a top that has a high cut or is embellished with something sparkly and bold, there is no need for a necklace, but if you’re wearing something simple with a deep cut, a necklace is most definitely necessary.

As I was browsing online, I found a necklace that reminds me of one that my mom has: the colors are different, but the aesthetic is extremely similar.  ABS by Allen Schwartz recently came out with a Pave Goldtone Chain Link Necklace that is perfect for those outfits that require a chunky and glamorous addition.  The necklace is simple with solid gold chains towards the back, but at the same time it gives you some pizzaz and sparkle at the front since the center links are embellished with crystals.  The necklace also comes in silver, but the gold is more high-end looking.

This necklace will look great with all of your day and evening basics, but I see it with a particular type of outfit that will look great for Spring.  Wear this necklace with a cheetah sleeveless scoop-neck dress, a brown clog/sandal, a brown cross-body, and a gold animal ring to keep the wild-life vibe.  For makeup, apply a mixture of light, medium, and dark shades of brown.

The necklace will become one of your go-to pieces with your current Winter looks, and with your upcoming Spring outfits.  The necklace is available for $195 on

P.S This summer I attended a body image roundtable at the Teen Vogue offices in NYC with Beauty Director, Eva Chen .  Check out quotes from me on Eva’s article by clicking here.