Two Toned

In Accessories on November, 02 2010

I am a huge jewelry fan.  I personally like gold jewelry, but there are definitely those times where silver pieces are needed.  What I love even more is mixing gold and silver together.  However, that can be a challenge because it can sometimes look too much and tacky.

I found a Kenneth Cole bracelet that solves this problem.  Kenneth Cole just came out with a two tone bracelet in gold and silver that is cool and edgy.  The colors look great together and the chain-look is fashionable and current.

Even though this bracelet looks expensive, the price is good: $45.  It’s hard to find accessories, yet alone anything designer, that is under $100, so this is a good deal.  Don’t wear a big necklace if you’re going to wear this bracelet because it is chunky and you want it to be your center piece.

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