Smashbox Disc

In Beauty on October, 31 2010

As summer tans fade away, we can tell that it will only be getting colder, and our skin will only be getting lighter.  Most love that “right of the beach” looking tan, but unfortunately unless you get something along the lines of a spray tan which can be expensive, you won’t be getting that look.

However, you can make your face look darker at a more reasonable price: purchasing a bronzer.  Smashbox came out with a bronzer disc containing 5 hot shades of gold, pink, and brown that are perfect for a variety of skin colors.

The great part about this compact is that you not only can use it for your cheeks but for your lids (as an eyeshadow) as well – you’re getting your money’s worth.

This disc is available on the Sephora website for $30.  As the website says, “the options are endless, so go ahead and play.”